Beware that "true and false 5G wars" may be coming!

Issuing time:2019-03-20 00:00

Following the mobile Internet, 5G will be the next big thing in human information life. The entire Internet, communications, and even the whole society are in the 5G, the establishment of standards, the maturity of the industry chain, and the roadmap of telecom operators all point to 5G commercial use.

And on the eve of 5G really entering our life, just when everyone is immersed in the joyful and peaceful atmosphere of "facing the future to meet 5G", here, we have to give telecom operators, mobile phone manufacturers and chip manufacturers ahead of time. A vaccination needle - say good, when you go to 5G commercial, no one can "play rogue", no matter which telecom operators take the lead in commercialization, which mobile phone manufacturers first release 5G mobile phones, we are not allowed to say that people play "false" 5G" "pseudo 5G"!

There is a precedent in the industry for the battle of communication standards. In the 3G era, the three domestic operators have played the "spokenness" for the advantages and disadvantages of the three 3G communication systems of CDMA2000, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA. In the 4G era, the FDD-LTE and TD-LTE are superior among the 4G systems. Who is inferior is still a topic of interest among operators.

From a broader perspective, the early years of Intel and AMD's true and false dual-core battle, and then the real and fake 4K TV dispute between home appliance manufacturers, the recent real-life and full-screen battle between mobile phone manufacturers ... these "true and false wars Between the true and the false, more mixed into the concept created by the manufacturers for commercial interests, for the consumer, "truth and false" is just a gimmick, and does not reflect the so-called "true and false" "The real difference between the experience of use.

So, why do you say that the "true and false wars" may reproduce the rivers and lakes in the 5G era?

Compared to the 3G and 4G eras, 5G is bigger, more complex, and closer to an ecosystem than just a communication standard. The physical layer of 5G has up to 600 parameters, but the 4G LTE era started with only seventy or eighty. The connection richness in the 5G era reached tens of thousands of levels. In China, the most complicated situation may even appear ten. More than the phone. 5G's extremely complex network features give telecom operators, chip manufacturers, and mobile phone manufacturers more room to play. It also indicates that the 5G era will produce more colorful products. By contrast, it is difficult for anyone to achieve "big and full." "So, in the case of "everything is different," it is inevitable that there will be disputes over the network, products, standards, etc.

 Do not believe? Let's first take a look at the telecom operators. From the freezing process of the 5G standard, many communication users first saw the terms "NSA non-independent networking" and "SA independent networking", and the operator's final 5G network will also be around these two ways. Formed. Some telecom operators plan to use low, medium and high frequency bands to build a full-coverage, high-capacity 5G network. In this process, operators have many options. For example, the core network of 5G networking adopts "5G core." Network or "4G core network"? Is the primary base station "5G base station" or "4G base station"? Is the secondary base station "4G" or "5G"? Is the deployment model "independent" or "non-independent"? Regardless of how telecom operators choose, the goal is to create a next-generation new network with high bandwidth, high efficiency and 5G features.

Malicious speculation, in the future, if the telecom operators using the "5G core network" networking will use the "4G core network" network operator - "Your network is not really pure pure 5G network, it is 'pseudo 5G'! "The concept of stealing, the guidance of public opinion, the more capital investment, the higher degree of use of new technology telecom operators in order to show users that their network is "more 5G", it is not impossible to make this decision.

On the mobile phone manufacturer side, similar stories may also be staged. On the mobile terminal, the 5G mobile phone process is also divided into a 5G mobile phone adopting the NSA non-independent networking mode and a 5G mobile phone adopting the SA independent networking mode. In China Telecom's latest "China Telecom 5G Technology White Paper", it was mentioned that there will be differences in network characteristics and costs between 5G mobile phones using NSA and SA solutions. According to the schedule provided by 5G chip provider Qualcomm, NSA non-independent networking mode 5G mobile phone will be listed first in early next year, while SA mode 5G mobile phone will be about 6 months late.

What has to be guarded is that in the fiercely competitive mobile phone market, some mobile phone manufacturers see the NSA standard 5G mobile phones released by others, saying that these mobile phones "are not really 5G mobile phones, only the SA solution mobile phone is 'true 5G'. 'Mobile phone', this is also the drama that is likely to be staged.

The brains of the marketing war are not what most people can think about. Therefore, it is necessary to remind the communication consumers that in the future, when you are going to apply for a 5G package of the operator or purchase a 5G mobile phone of a mobile phone manufacturer, no matter what 5G networking mode the operator adopts, or the mobile phone manufacturer produces Which is the standard 5G phone? It is 5G, it is 5G! No one can change this. Those who are confused and want to stir up 5G pool water are not good, because consumers still have to rely on product performance and experience. 5G is just a broad, ubiquitous ecological term. Don't be too true.

Take a shot of the vaccination and clean up the future 5G environment in advance; lend you a pair of eye-catching eyes to help you correctly recognize 5G. It is not a good thing to distinguish between black and white.

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